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  • 4 things you must know when buying a bra for your backless dress!

    Backless dresses are a striking way for anyone wanting to achieve a statement look. They can be incredibly elegant, yet daunting to wear. Some o...
  • The Wedding Club

    We are thrilled to announce that  Backless Basics is now stocked by The Wedding Club ✨ The Wedding Club are the leading luxury designer brida...
  • The Model Manifesto

    I was lucky enough to sit down with the wonderful Leanne Maskell and chat all things industry & The Model Basics for The Model Manifesto 

    Leanne is an accomplished model turned writer / activist whose first book The Model Manifesto is to be published in May. The MM is a models’ A-Z guide to avoiding exploitation and exposing the bad behaviour that has become standard practice in the fashion industry. 

    I loved chatting with Leanne about my journey from model to entrepreneur, you can read all about it here: