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4 things you must know when buying a bra for your backless dress!

Backless dresses are a striking way for anyone wanting to achieve a statement look. They can be incredibly elegant, yet daunting to wear. Some of the biggest questions on women’s minds are: 
  • How to wear a backless dress?
  • Which backless bra is best?
  • How do backless bras stay on?
  • Are backless / strapless bras reusable?
Thankfully here at Backless Basics we’ve been helping women go backless confidently for the last 2 years. If you have the right tools, you can confidently wear the backless dress of your dreams. 
Here are your questions answered along with some tips to help you feel your best in your backless outfit.
How to wear a backless dress?
  • Fit - There’s nothing worse than an ill fitting dress and the same goes for a backless look. Make sure your open-back garment fits well to avoid gaping at the sides in the case of it being too big, or bunching in the wrong places if too small. 
  • Accessories - When it comes to accessories with a daring backless look, less is more. Let the backless dress be the star of the show! Avoid statement necklaces and chunky jewellery. Why not try a simple earring and let all the attention go where you want it, your back. 
  • Skin - If you’re going to show some skin, make sure it's looking its best! Exfoliating and moisturising the exposed area will be the finishing touch to your polished backless look. Why not try a moisturiser with a slight shimmer to give you that extra wow factor.
Which backless bra is best?
Let’s not forget about the ladies! Not having the right bra can be totally daunting when thinking of wearing a backless dress. However, you can finally liberate your wardrobe and confidently wear your backless and strapless outfits knowing you're supported. Our innovative range of adhesive bras are not like you've experienced before. In sizes A-E we've got you covered. 
Our Winged Adhesive Bra has soft cups, the adhesive strategically placed just under the arms to give the most skin contact and is exceptionally comfortable. Perfect for racerback t-shirts or strapless dresses too.
Our Shell Adhesive Bra has all over silicon adhesive pads and a front clasp which allows you to adjust the lift and cleavage.
How do backless bras stay on?
While backless bras are the perfect companion for a backless dress, many women who haven't worn one before are curious to know how their 'girls' will be supported. 
Strapless bras are often uncomfortable, notorious for digging in, in all the wrong places. Adhesive bras have a terrible reputation for falling off and causing a scene (not of the good kind!)
At Backless Basics we use a gentle on the skin (yet strong on the hold) silicon adhesive. The adhesive silicone pads are washable and long-lasting. Although not something you'd necessarily wear to work, you'll be supported at your event, on the dance floor and into the wee small hours. 
Are backless / strapless bras reusable?
In short, some are, some aren't. The less reliable variety will only last a few wears before loosing its stick. However, it also depends on how well you look after the product. 
With a bit of love, Backless Basics bras will continue to keep you covered for up to a year. The bits that make them stick don't like being knocked about, which makes the adhesive bras hand wash only. 
Simply submerge in a sink of warm water with a tiny bit of clothes washing liquid. Give a gentle rub and rinse with clean water. Place flat on a towel to dry. Do not wring to dry as you'll lose the shape of your bra. If you're in a rush, wipe the adhesive with a clean damp cloth and allow to dry naturally.
Ready to take a plunge and go backless?
Head to our product page to see our invisible collection and unlock your wardrobe, with confidence.

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