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About Us


 Our in depth customer research showed that women view wearing a strapless or backless outfit as aspirational, yet it can be daunting and intimidating. 

It also showed that most women who have worn a stick on bra of some description have had it fail in an embarrassing way.

We’ve heard countless stories of chicken filet bras flying across nightclub dance floors, or slipping down, leaving ladies lopsided. Frustrated with the lack of quality products on the market, the BB team got to work.  

Backless Basics allow women the ability to confidently wear their chosen outfit, free from the anxiety of their bra failing.



Emily Hancock (nee Theyers) is a New Zealand born fashion model currently based in London.

It's fair to say she has worn her fair share of backless and strapless bras over the years. Good quality, reliable invisible underwear (and where to find it) was always an issue for her, so she decided to do something about it. 

Emily has modelled for over 13 years with work taking her to Australia, South East Asia, France, Germany, Italy and the UK.